one line / kenichi waga

disc 1

1.  若者   young people
2.  ひょっとこおばさん   hyottoko lady
3.  夕雨の村   village of evening rain
4.  雨どい   gutter
5.  京都婦人   kyoto madam
6.  対決   encounter
7.  収穫袋の雀   sparrow in harvesty bag
8.  小鳥夫婦   a life of bird's couple
9.  三本の矢   three arrows
10. ベテラン気取り   affect the veteran
11. 燃え上がるお年玉   burning handsel
12. 人違いで襲ってきた滝の霊  
ghost, attacks tourists with mistaken identity at
niagara falls
13. パート店員   part-time clerk
14. 男尊戦国   male-dominated Zhanguo (
15. 雁の湖   goose lake


cover art by kenichi waga

disc 2

1.  ピロリー   pirory
2.  逃亡行進曲   runaway march
3.  P
4.  師走  
5.  作法部屋   room of behavior's rules
6.  ブーム   boom
7.  前兆   augury
8.  ボール   ball
9.  決壊   washout
10. 無生活音の景色   landscape of no life sound (
11. 二匹   two
12. 秋   autumn
13. 雨にぬれても   even if you get wet in the rain


disc 3

1.  無動演奏 (ボーナストラック)  
playing with non-moving  (exclusive track)


recorded from June - July 2006 in Taihaku-ku, Sendai Japan.

Instruments :

Theremin with objects by kenichi waga

You can buy the album at cafe bar gigi, in Fukuoka or my online shop site.


review by nori yaeo


Youtube -
Theremin / dance live at my room

Actually, I did not dance in the album "one line."


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