Kenichi Waga : electric guitar/acorstic guitar/Farfisa organ/CASIO keyboard/rhythm pattern/tambourin/radio/CD player/personal computer/trumpet/theremin/vocal/drums -

Great Nebula in Andromeda (1996)

Elebox (1996)

Magnetic resonance sound (1996)

My home in Pegasus (1997)


451 (1997)

The light (1998)

Steleogmetrio (1998)

Sound Microscope (1999)

Clean Pulse (1999)

Music for Farm (June.1999)

Dead Tree (January 2000)

Idea from rural hometown (August 2000)

Soundtrack of town (January 2001)

1 Day (August 2001)

(January 2002)

2002.8 (August 2002)

(January 2003)

(August 2003)

(January 2004)

kingdom (September 2004)

one line (October 2006)

(August 2007)

internet live, Jan. 3, 2006 (October 2007)

improvised putting on the pink movie (January 2008)

city (October 2009)

morning (Aug 2010)

To home (Feb. 2014)

Other Land (Oct. 2016) new

other works(remix or etc...)


Miyuki Waga (sister) : electric guitar/acorstic guitar/CASIO Keyboard
Kenichi Waga : electric guitar/acorstic guitar/CASIO keyboard/drums/rhythm pattern /vocal

Demo corshin (1st,1997)

Sahoyama forest (2nd,1998)


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