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Step1 Find information tag
What we need is : VERY IMPORTANT
  1. frame (chassis) number (PA32-123456)
  2. complete model number (CLGUREAA32EDA-F--)
  3. color number (KN6)
  4. trim number (C)
* Don't omit hyphens from model number (IMPORTANT)

Step2 Find the parts required
Please note
  1. Let us know name of parts accurately as much as possible. Even if you don't know about it, please don't worry. Let us know about approximate position, shape and function, etc. so that we can send diagrams later on.
  2. Please pay attention to difference between front and rear or right hand and left hand or upper and lower or outer or inner. (e.g. outer door handle for front door right hand)
  3. Parts-numbers are not mentioned on the part itself normally. A number on the part itself is sometimes same as a parts-number, but most are product-numbers from original equipment companies.
  4. Please clarify parts you need as much as possible. For example, a description like front suspension. We can't understand if it's a front suspension arm or a front shockabsorber.

Step3 Request a quote by email.
  1. Check the information according to STEP1.
  2. Find the parts you need according to STEP2.
  3. Don't forget place of delivery
  4. Send inquires by E-MAIL.

LINEUP OF Nissan (Japan domestic model)
name year of manufacturing principal model number model number of engine
President 03/10- PF50 VK45DE
75/04-90/10 250 Y44E
90/10-02/08 JHG50 VH45D
Infinity Q45 90/10-97/09 G50 VH45D
Cima 01/01- F50 VQ30DET, VK45DD, VK45DE
91/08-97/04 FGY32 VG30DET, VH41DE
96/06-01/01 FGY33 VQ30DET, VH41DE
Cedric/Gloria 83/06-97/08 Y30 CA20S, VG20E, VG20T, VG30E, VG30T. LD28, RD28, CA20P, L20P
87/06-91/07 Y31 VG20E, VG20DT, VG30E, VG30T, VG30D, VG30DT, RD28, CA20P, RB20P
91/06-95/04 Y32 VG20E, VG30E, VG30D, VG30DT, RD28
91/06- SY31 VG20E, VG30E, NA20P, RB20P, VG20P, RD28, RD28E
95/06-99/05 Y33 VG20E, VG30E, VQ30DE, VQ30DET, RD28, RB25DET, VQ25DE
99/06-04/10 Y34 VQ25DD, VQ30DD, VQ30DET, RB25DET, VQ20DE
97/08-99/06 WY30 VG20E
Fuga 04/10-09/11 Y50 VQ25DE, VQ35DE, VK45DE
09/11- Y51 VQ25HR, VQ37VHR
Teana 03/02-08/06 J31 QR25DE, VQ23DE, VQ35DE
08/06 J32 QR25DE, VQ25DE, VQ35DE
Maxima 88/10-94/02 J30 VQ30E, VE30DE
Fairlady Z 02/07- Z33 VQ35DE
83/09-89/07 Z31 RB20DT, VG20T, VG30D, VG30T
89/07-00/08 Z32 VG30D, VG30DTT
Leopardo 86/02-91/12 F31 VG20E, VG20T, VG20DT, VG30D, VG30DT
96/03-99/05 JPY33 VG30E, VQ30DE, VQ30DET, VG20E, RB25DET, VQ25DE, VQ30DD
Leopardo J.Ferie 92/06-95/11 JPY32 VG30DE, VH41DE
Leopardo /TR-X 80/09-86/02 F30 Z18, L20E, L20ET, L28E, VQ30T
Laurel 80/11-84/10 C31 Z18S, CA18S, Z20S, L20S, L20E, L20ET, L28E, LD20, LD28, Z18P
84/10-93/04 C32 CA18S, RB20E, RB20DT, VG20T, LD28, RD28, CA18P
88/12-92/12 C33 CA18I, RB20E, RB20D, RB20DT, RB25D, RD28
93/01-97/05 C34 RB20E, RB20DE, RB25DE, RB25DET, RD28
97/06-02/08 C35 RB20DE, RB25DE, RB25DET, RD28
Santana 84/02-89/10 M30 LI, GI, GI5, XI5, LT, GT, X15 DOHC
Passat 90/05-91/11 319A 9A
Skyline 01/06-07/06 V35 VQ25DD, VQ30DD, VQ35DE
06/11- V36 VQ25DH, VQ35HR, VQ37VHR
Skyline coupe 07/10- CV36 VQ37VHR
Skyline crossover 09/07- J50 VQ37VHR
Nissan GT-R 07/11- R35 VR38DETT
81/08-90/03 R30 Z18S, CA18S, CA18E, Z29E, L20E, L20T, L20ET, FJ20E, FJ20T, LD20, LD28
85/08-90/05 R31 CA18S, RB20E, RB20T, RB20D, RB20DT, RD28
89/05-94/11 R32 CA18I, RB20E, RB20D, RB20DE, RB20DT, RB20DET, RB25DE, RB26DTT, RB26DETT
93/08-98/11 R33 RB20E, RB25DE, RB25DET, RB26DETT
98/05-02/08 R34 RB20DE, RB25DE, RB25DET, RB26DETT
Cefiro 88/09-94/06 A31 RB20D, RB20DT, RB20E, RB25D
94/08-98/11 A32 VQ20DE, VQ25DE, VQ30DE
98/12-02/12 CA33 VQ20DE, VQ25DD
Cefiro wagon 97/06-00/08 WA32 VQ20DE, VQ25DE, VQ30DE
Crew (taxi) 93/07- K30 RB20E, NA20P, RD28, RD28E
Crew 94/01-02/08 K30S RB20E, RD28, RD28E
Bluebird Sylphy 00/08-05/12 G10 QG15DE, QG18DE, QR20DD
05/12- G11 HR15DE, MR20DE
Bluebird 79/10-93/06 910 L16S, Z16S, CA16S, Z18S, CA18S, Z18E, CA18E, Z18T, Z20S, Z20E, LD20, LD20T, Z18P
83/10-90/05 U11 CA16S, CA18S, CA18E, CA18T, CA18DT, CA20S, VG20E, VG20T, LD20
87/09-91/08 U12 CA16S, CA18I, CA18D, CA18DT, SR18DI, SR20D, SR20DT, LD20
91/09-95/11 U13 GA16DS, SR18DE, SR20DE, SR23DET, KA24DE, CD20,
96/01-01/08 U14 SR18DE, QG18DE, QG18DD, SR20DE, SR20VE, CD20, CD20E
Bluebird OG 91/02-91/09 WU12 SR20D
Silvia 88/05-93/10 S13 CA18D, CA18DT, SR20D, SR20DT
93/10-98/12 S14 SR20DE, SR20DET
99/01-02/08 S15 SR20DE, SR20DET
Silvia/Gazelle 79/03-83/08 S110 Z18S, Z18E, Z18T, FJ20E
83/08-88/05 S12 CA18S, CA18E, CA18T, CA18DT, FJ20E, FJ20T
180SX 89/03-98/12 RS13 CA18DT, SR20DE, SR20DET
Auster 85/10-89/11 T12 CA16S, CA18I, CA18T, CA18D, CA18DT
Stanza 86/06-89/11 T12Y CA16S, CA18I, CA18T, CA18D, CA18DT
Primera 4 door 90/02/95/08 P10 SR18DI, SR18DE, SR20DE
Primera 5 door 91/07-96/11 P10E SR20DE
Primera UK 96/11-98/02 P11E SR20DE
Primera (Camino) wagon 97/09-00/11 WP11 SR18DE, SR20DE, SR20VE, QG18DE, QG18DD
Primera sedan & wagon 01/01-05/12 P12 QG18DE, QR20DE, QR25DD, SR20VE
Primera /Camino 95/09-01/01 P11 SR18DE, SR20DE, SR20VE, QG18DE, QG18DD
Presea 90/06-94/12 R10 GA15DS, SR18DI, SR18DE, SR20D
95/01-00/08 R11 GA15DE, SR18DE, SR20DE
Prairie 82/08-88/09 M10 E15S, CA18S, CA20S
88/09-98/11 M11 CA20S, SR20DE, KA24E
Paririe Liberty 98/11-04/12 M12 SR20DE, SR20DET, QR20DE
Sunny 98/10-04/10 B15 QG13DE, QG15DE, QG18DD, SR16VE, YD22DD
85/09-90/08 B12 E13S, E15S, GA15S, E15E, GA15E, E15T, GA15E, E15T, CA16D, CD17
90/01-93/12 B13 GA13DS, GA15DS, GA16DE, SR18DE, CD17
Sunny/Laurel Sprit 81/10-86/08 B11 E13S, E15S, E15E, E15T, CD17
Sunny/Lucino 94/01-99/08 B14 GA13DE, GA15DE, GA16DE, SR18DE, CD20, SR16VE
Laurel Sprit 86/08-90/08 B12L E15S, GA15S, E15E, GA15E, CA16D, CD17
Raseen 94/12-00/08 RB14 GA15DE, SR18DE, SR20DE
Exa 86/09-90/08 KN13 CA16D
Langley/Liberta Villa 86/10-90/08 N13P E15S, GA15S, E15E, GA15E, CA16D, CD17
Pulsar/Langley/Liverta 82/05-86/10 N12 E13S, E15S, E15E, E15T, CD17
Pulsar 86/05-90/08 N13 E13S, E15S, GA15S, E15E, GA15E, CA16D, CD17
90/08-95/01 N14 GA13DS, GA15DS, GA16DE, SR18DE, SR20DET, CD17
95/01-00/08 N15 GA15DE, GA16DE, SR18DE, CD20
March 02/02-10/07 K12 CR10DE, CR12DE, CR14DE, HR15DE
10/07- K13T HR23DE
92/10-91/12 K10 MA09RT, MA10S, MA10T
92/01-02/02 K11 CG10DE, CG13DE, CGA3DE
March BOX 99/11-01/07 WK11 CG10DE, CGA3DE
March Cabriolet 97/05-97/12 CK11 CG13DE
BE-1 87/01-88/05 BK10 MA10S
Pao 89/01-90/06 PK10 MA10S
Figaro 91/02-91/12 FK10 MA10T
Atras/Condor 81/12-92/06 H40 Z20S, NA20S, Z20D, SD25, TD27, BD30, ED33, FD33, FD33T, ED35, FD35, FD35T
91/10-95/08 H41 BD30, ED35, FD42, FD46
Atras 92/02-92/06 F22 Z16S, NA16S, Z20S, NA20S, SD23, TD23, SD25, TD27
92/01- F23 NA16S, NA20S, KA20DE, TD23, TD25, TD27, QD32
Civilian 82/08-99/02 W40 Z22S, ED33, FE33T, ED35, TD42, TD42T
99/02- W41 TD42, TD42T, TB45E, 4M50T
Elgrand 02/05-10/08 E51 VQ35DE, VQ25DE
97/05-02/05 E50 VG33E, VQ35DE, QD32ETI, ZD30DDTI
10/08- E52 QR25DE, VQ35DE
Caravan 01/04- E25 KA20DE, KA24DE, ZD30DD, ZD30DDTI
Caravan/Homy 80/08-86/09 E23 J16S, Z18S, H20S, Z20S, LD20T, SD22, SD23
Carava/Homy Coach 93/05-01/04 WE24 Z20S, VG30E, TD27, TD27TI, QD32
Caravan/Homy van 93/05-01/04 VE24 NA20S, KA20DE, KA24DE, TD24, QD32
Serena 05/05- C25 MR20DE
99/06/05/05 C24 SR20DE, QR20DE, QR25DE, YD25DDTI
Largo 93/05-99/06 W30 KA24DE, CD20TI
Vanette 78/10-88/11 C120 A12S, A14S, A15S, Z20S, LD20, LD20T
85/09-94/03 C22 A12S, A15S, CA20S, LD20, LD20T
Vanette Serera 91/06-99/06 C23 GA16DS, GA16DE, SR20DE, CD20, CD20T, CD20ET
Vanette Truck 88/11-94/03 TC22 A12S, A15S, Z20S, NA20S, LD20
Vanette van truck 94/04-99/06 S20 A12S, A15S, Z20S, NA20S, LD20
99/06- S21 GAS18, DIE20, DIE22
Vanette Largo 86/05-93/03 GC22 A15S, CA18T, CA20S, LD20, LD20T
NV200 Vanette 09/05- M20 HR16DE
Safari 80/06-87/10 160 PF40, SD33, SD33T
87/10-97/08 Y60 TB42S, TB42E, TD42, TD42T, RD28T
87/10- Y61 TB45E, RD28TI, TD42T, ZD30DDTI, TB48DE
Terrano 86/08-95/09 WD21 VG30I, VG30E, TD27, TD27T
95/09-02/08 R50 VG33E, TD27TI, QD32TI, ZD30DDTI
Terrano Legurus 96/08-02/08 JR50 QD32TI, VG33E, ZD30DDTI
Datsun 97/01-02/08 D22 KA20DE, KA24DE, KA24E, NA20S, QD32, TD27
Datsun Truck 79/09/85/08 720 J16S, Z16S, Z18S, L18S, SD22, SD23
85/08-97/01 D21 Z16S, NA16S, Z18S, Z20S, NA20S, SD23, TD23, TD27, TD27T
Mistral 94/02-97/05 R20 TD27T, TD27TI
Avenir 90/05-98/08 W10 GA16DS, SR18DI, SR18DE, SR20DE, SR20DET, CD20, CD20T
98/08-05/09 W11 QG18DE, SR20DE, SR20DET, CD20ET, QR20DE
Expert 99/06- VW11 QG18DE, YD22DD
AD van 82/10-90/09 VB11 E12S, E15S, CD17
California Wingroad b90/10-99/05 CY10 CD20, GA15DE< GA15DS, SR18DE
Wingroad 05/11- Y12 HR15DE, MR18DE
Wingroad/AD van 99/05- Y11 QG13DE, QG15DE, QG18DE, SR20VE, QR20DE, YD22DD
AD/AD Expert 06/12- VY12 CR12DE, HR15DE, MR18DE< HR16DE
Nissan AD (Japan) 90/10-99/05 Y10 GA13DS, GA15DS, GA15DE, CD17, GA13DE, CD20
Nissan AD (Mexico) 93/07-96/12 Y10X GA13DS, GA15DS
Sunny Truck 75/10-94/03 B120 A12S
S-cargo 98/01-90/11 G20 E15S
Stagia 01/10- M35 VQ25DD, VQ25DET, VQ30DD, V!35DE
96/09-01/03 WC34 RB20E, RB20DE, RB25DE, RB25DET
87/11-01/03 AWC34 RB26DETT
Stagia AXIS 350S 03/06-04/08 AM35 VQ35DE
R'nessa 997/10-01/07 N30 KA24DE, SR20DE, SR20DET
R'nessa EV 98/05-00/11 EVN30 EV
Cube 02/10-08/11 Z11 CR14DE, HR15DE
98/02-01/10 Z10 CG13DE, CGA3DE
08/11- Z12
Cube Cubic 03/09- GZ11 CR14DE, HR15DE
Bassara 99/11-03/06 JU30 KA24DE, VQ30DE, YD25DDT, QR25DE
Presage 03/06- U31 QR25DE, VQ35DE
98/06-03/06 U30 KA24DE, VQ30DE, YD25DDT, QR25DE
super ambulance 98/10- AE50 VG33E, ZD30DDT, VQ35DE
Tino 98/12-03/03 V10 QG18DE, SR20DE, QG18EM29
Hypermini 99/09- EA0 EV
X-Trail 00/10-07/08 T30 QR20DE, SR20VET
07/08- T31 MR20DE, QR25DE, M9R
Moco 02/04-06/02 SA0 K6ANA, K6AT
06/02- SA1 K6A, K6AT
Clipper 03/10- MA0 3G83
Murano 04/09-08/09 Z50 QR25DE, VG35DE
08/09- Z51 QR25DE, VQ35DE
Tiida 04/09- C11 HR15DE, MR18DE
Tiida Latio 01/10- SC11 HR15DE, MR18DE
Lafesta 04/12- B30 MR20DE
Note 05/01- E11 HR15DE
Otti 05/06-06/10 NA0 3G83, 3G83T
06/10- NA1 3G83, 3G83T
Pino 07/01-09/11 TA0 K6A
Dualis (made in UK) 07/01-07/12 J10E MR20DE
Dualis (made in Japan) 07/12- J10 MR20DE
Kix 08/10- PA0 4A30
Roox 09/12- VA0 K6A, K6AT
Juke 10/06- F15 HR15DE

ENGINE ENGINE engine assembly complete & short engine assembly
engine overhaul gasket kit complete kit & cylinder head repair kit
starter motor complete motor & individual internal parts
cylinder head cam shaft (intake/exhaust)
cam shaft oil seal
balancer shaft
valve spring
valve oil seal
valve hydraulic/lifter/adjuster/
timing gear/sprocket
camshaft timing belt/valve timing belt
timing belt adjuster
cam/head cover
cam/head cover gasket
engine mounting front/side/rear/transmission mounting
cylinder block cylinder block
cylinder head gasket
oil pan
timing gear cover
crank shaft
crank shaft/main bering
crank shaft pulley
piston ring set
connecting rod
connecting rod bearing
ENGINE COOLING water cooling & oil cooling oil pump
oil filter
oil cooler
water pump
radiator fan
radiator fan shroud
radiator fan motor
radiator hose
radiator reservoir tank
DRIVE BELT belt alternator belt
AC belt
cooling fan belt
power steering pump belt
AIR INTAKE + fuel mixing intake manifold
exhaust manifold
throttle body
air filter
airflow meter/sensor
air filter housing
AIR EXHAUST exhaust pipe turbo charger/super charger
down pipe/exhaust pipe FRONT
catarytic converter
exhaust main pipe
FUEL fuel tank & fuel delivery & speed control fuel tank
fuel filter
fuel pump
fuel pipe
fuel delivery pipe
fuel injector/nozzle
accelerator pedal
accelerator cable
IGNITION (+ electric power supply) starter motor
spark plug
spark plug cable
ignition coil
SENSOR (refer to electrical parts) water temperature sensor
throttle position sensor
map sensor
airflow sensor
crankshaft angle sensor
O2/oxygen sensor
engine knock sensor
camshaft position sensor
engine control computer/ECU
POWER TRAIN TRANSMISSION MTM & ATM transmission assembly
transmission overhaul gasket kit
clutch cover & disk
clutch release bearing
clutch pedal
clutch master/slave cylinder
speedometer driven gear/speed sensor
transmission gear & synchronizer
input shaft
output shaft/counter shaft
overdrive gear (ATM)
clutch plate/disk (ATM)
valve body (ATM)
gear shift control lever
gear shift control cable
4WD TRANSFER 4WD model only transfer assembly
transfer gear
transfer drive chain/belt
AXLE propeller shaft propeller shaft assembly
propeller shaft joint
differential differential assembly
differential fine gear
differential ring gear
limisted slip diff/LSD
drive shaft driveshaft assembly
drive shaft CV joint (outer/inner)
drive shaft CV joint boot/repair kit
axle hub axle hub
axle hub bearing
axle hub oil seal
STEERING INTERIOR steering wheela steering wheel
steering column shaft
STEERING GEAR BOX steering rack & pinion rack & pinion assembly
rack & pinion gasket kit
rack gear
pinion gear
tie rod
tie rod eng
rack & pinion boots
POWER STEERING * includes electric power steering power steering pump
power steering pump gasket kit
power steering pump oil reservoir tank
power steering pump pully
power steering pump belt
BRAKE FOOT BRAKE brake control brake pedal
brake pedal switch
brake booster
brake master cylinder
brake master cylinder gasket kit
brake proportioning valve
brake rotor
brake pad
brake caliper & piston
brake cylinder
brake piston/cylinder seal kit
PARKING BRKAKE (parking brake) parking brake lever
parking brake cable
parking brake shoe
ABS ABS control ABS actuator/controler
ABS sensor
ABS control computer
SUSPENSION ARM arm & rod suspension control arm/rod
suspension control arm bush
suspension control arm ball joint
stabilizer bar
stabilizer bar link rod
stabilizer bar bush
SHOCKABSORBER * electric controlled suspension : refer to electric parts shockabsorber
coil spring
shockabsorber UPER mount
BODY STRUCTURE FRONT front bumper front bumper cover
front bumper reinforcement
front air spoiler
radiator grill radiator grill
engine hood & fender engine hood
engine hood lock
front fender
front fender splash guard/inner fender
front panel radiator support panel
front fender apron
SIDE door front & rear door assembly
door glass
door lock
door lock & ignition key & key cylinder
door handle
door trim board
door window regulator
side frame front pillar
center pillar
quarter panel
quarter panel tire house/fender
body side molding
side step/body side air spoiler
mud guard
weather strip
REAR rear bumper rear bumper cover
rear bumper reinforcement
trunk lid & rear hatch/tail gate trunk lid
trunk lid hinge
trunk lid lock
tail gate panel
tail gate lock
tail gate support/shockabsorber
rear air spoiler/roof air spoiler
WINDOW glass & fitting front windshield glass/front glass
door glass
quarter panel glass
rear window glass
windshield molding & weather strip
ROOF * roof air spoiler : refer to trunk lid roof panel
sun roof
sun roof glass
INTERIOR CABIN * includes outer rear view mirror instrument panel
glove box
insrument panel register/ventilator
air bag module
instrument panel garnish panel
center console box
seat cushion
seat back rest
interior trim board
package tray
tonneau cover
seat belt
head rest
sun (shade) visor
door visor/rain visor
outer view mirror OUTER/door mirror
outer view mirror INNER
ELECTRICAL PARTS FRONT lamps head light assembly
head light lens & housing
head light bulb
H.I.D (discharge) unit
fog lamp
turn signal lamp
parking lamp
front & rear wiper wiper blade
wiper motor
wiper linkage
wiper water reservior tank & motor
SIDE lamps side marker lamp/side turn signal lamp
REAR lamps tail lamp
3rd brake lamp/high mount brake lamp
license lamp
INTERIOR lamps & speedometer & switches interior lamp/map lamp
door warning lamp
speedometer/gauge cluster
hazard warning lamp switch
rear view mirror control switch
power window master/sub switch
fog lamp switch
head light dimmer/turn singal lamp switch
wiper switch
spiral cable
CONTROL UNIT engine compartment & cabin engine control computer/ECU
transmission control computer/unit
air bag control computer
air bag sensor
G (gravity) sensor
power steering oil pressure sensor/switch
engine oil pressure sensor/switch
inhibitor switch
ABS cotrol computer/unit
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