Jyoumon-Mawaki onsen.
It is six minutes by car from the youth hostel. You can go by bicycle in around 20 minutes.There are two kinds of rooms,"Asunaro no yu" and "Iraka no yu."
An individual bathtub is partiqlly indoor and outdoor.When you enter an outdoor bath,
You can watch a star at night and you can watch the sea in the daytime.A ladies' bath is switched with a men's section of a bathhouse every one week.Man and woman are switched on every Sunday.Both can enter if you go on the weekend.
You can look at the sea in the distance from an outdoor bath.
Bathing rate adult (junior high student and up). / 450 yen
A primary schoolchild. / 250 yen
Infant(less than a primary schoolchild more than 3 years old). / 150 yen
Less than 3 years old are free of charge.
Business hours are from 10:00 to 22:00 (Closed Monday).
Jyoumon-Mawaki remains science museum.
It has remains of the Jyoumon period.(From13000B.C. to 400B.C. in the Japanese islands.)
Excavated remains are exhibited, and the lifestyle of those days is explained.
The personal guide system is convenient. You can rent it when You pay entrance charges.
You can hear Japanese, English, or Korean.
A natural promenade
It is 20 minutes by foot from YH. It is a course walking the seashore. Scenery is the best. You can walk to the opposite bank of YH.
It is a course for about an hour.
Don't forget a camera!
A pleasure boat
It is 20 minutes by foot from YH to pleasure boat bus stop.
A slightly strange device is made on this ship. The bottom of the ship becomes fitted with glass, and you can observe the sea. When the fish get closer togather the captain sprinkles bait. The figures of various fish swimming is very beautiful.
Unfortunately You cannot do fishing from this ship!
Spring and an autumn festival
In May and September, festivals are held every year.
In a port and a shrine, a festival is held. It is 5 minutes by foot from YH.
There are various festival events in Japan, but this festival is unique. Please come to experience it!
May:Tomobata Festival
Sep: Sodekiriko festival

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