SDR Software  KG-TRX


KG-TRX is a full featured Windows-based Software Defined Radio software capable of full contol including receiving and transmitting. 
Enjoy PC signal processing operation during your HF QSO!



Features of KG-TRX



It's an SDR software intended for use with a Compatible radio and PC to receive and transmit.


KG-TRX is capable of decoding I/Q signals and outputting modulated I/Qs. Therefore you can enjoy full SDR operation in CW/SSB/AM and FM while using a compatible radio (Alinco DX-SR9) . 

CW operation may not be very practical; please refer to the KG-TRX instructions. 

Three simple connections is all it takes to connect the radio to the PC.

All you need is a pair of commonly available 3.5mm stereo plug audio cables for I/Q input/output and Alinco's ERW-7 control cable to hook the radio to your PC. (A PC must be equipped with a microphone and speakers.) 

Windows interface makes it easy to operate.

Simple operation and interface enables you to become instantly familiar with KG-TRX. Use a mouse wheel to change frequnecy, or click on the spectrum window to quickly QSY.

DSP IF and AF filtering

The intermediate frequency and audio filter width is freely variable, there is no need to purchase optional filters!

Recording and replaying the SDR signals

You can record the whole 48KHz bandwidth of the SDR signals received in your PC memory and replay it later to monitor the signals you observed but may have missed hearing initially.

Easy parameter settings from the tool-bar buttons and menus.
Customize indicator colors to suit your preferences. 

Just drag the edge of the filter-indicator to adjust the width, or use a setting window for more delicate adjustment. 

Monitor existing signals within the visible 48KHz width, and pick it up by just pointing and clicking on the signal.

More advanced features of KG-TRX 

Simple WAVE file recording of receiving and transmitting signals and DSP features to enhane audio quality and reduce noise. 





KG-TRX is freeware. Anyone can download it for use or evaluate it before purchasing the compatible radio.

Please click the link below to start downloading the zipped file. When using this download service, the implementation, use and/or results of use are the sole responsibility of the person making the download. Please be sure to properly unzip the file using your archiver software. Included files are listed below. 

Please kindly contact us in case of press inquiry or use in public such as demo purposes.





Download Version : 1.0.0

Click here for download


Data file information


PC requirements


Build-up history

Data compression file format: ZIP

Download file size: 528kB

Included files:

Operating System

Computer Processor


Computer Memory
Screen Resolution
Sound device



Compatible radio


Windows Vista or Windows 7 

Intel Core i5 2.4GHz is a minimum required.

Faster processor is recommended for better performance. 

2 GB or more 

1024x768 pixel / 32bit or higher 

48KHz 16bit stereo / Tested with Creative

Sound Blaster series

Must be equipped with a wheel.

Alinco DX-SR9 series / ERW-7 optional cable


July 23 2013 release version 1.0.0

January 22 2014 release build 001

-Bug fix for frequency input.


Executable file

Instruction manual

Memory data file

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