Analog software defined radio KG-SDR


KG-SDR is Windows application to demodulate analog signals from IQ signal.

You can enjoy receiving radio communications more with supported receivers.



Features of KG-SDR



A user-friendly Windows-based "Software Defined Radio" software for supported receivers.


KG-SDR is FREE SDR software enabling display and control of radio by simple connection to IQ signals.

KG-SDR can control frequency, mode and other parameters of supported radios by using a PC-connection cable.

Demodulate analog radio communications for HF, VHF, and more...! 

KG-SDR uses software technology to interface to defined radio that processes the radio signals digitally in the PC (Digital Signal Processing).

KG-SDR decodes typical analog radio communications such as AM, narrow FM, SSB and CW as transmitted in short-wave broadcasts; aviation; navigation; Amateur Radio and more.

(KG-SDR can't receive wide FM like FM broadcast because of technical specifications of supported radios.)

Simple interface, similar to using a conventional analog radio!

Operation of KG-SDR is straightforward, the interface is like the front panel of a common, conventional receiver.

To tune the frequency, use either a wheel of mouse, arrow keys of keyboard, or clicking on the spectrum display.

Initial setting is very simple also; Select the sound-devices, check the COM port setting of the control-cable, select the model of your radio if supported, adjust the signal input level…and you are ready to play !

User Customization IF and AF filters!

KG-SDR has different preset and user-selectable IF and AF filters.

Noise reduction, 3D, Audio-notch and other popular DSP parameters are also available to enhance your receiving environment.

Band recording, Signal recording, and more convenient features for your receiving pleasure!

KG-SDR allows you to record the whole IQ band-pass range, allowing replay of entire captured spectrum or any single individual signal in WAVE format only when the squelch is open while receiving.

In addition, KG-SDR offers advanced features like unlimited Memory-channels, Selectable 3-level AGC, variable tuning steps, and Monitor (temporary squelch-off). Not too complicated, KG-SDR is a beginner-friendly yet a full-function SDR software! 

Memory list can easily be edited: add, delete memory frequencies, modes, and name-tags.

You can easily adjust filter bandwidth and/or cut-off frequencies on graphical displays.

Color-selectable Spectrum display can tune radio frequency by clicking on the display or turning a mouse wheel.

How to download:



To download KG-SDR, click on [Click here to download] link below. KG-SDR is free of charge for a private use.


Please contact to developer for authorization in advance when you write about KG-SDR on publications or commercial-sites on the internet.





Version of download file : 1.0.0

Click here to download


About zipped file


Required minimum PC specifications


History of build up

Compressed type : ZIP

Size of download file : 449kB

Unzipped folder contains : 




Sound device


Supported radios

Windows Vista/XP/Seven

Celeron 1.06GHz or faster

(Higher specs recommended)

1GByte or more

1024x768pxcel or better

48kHz 16bit stereo sampling

A center wheel is required



2010/8/12 version 1.0.0 released.




Beep sound file 1

Beep sound file 2

Beep sound file 3

S-meter picture file

Memory function list 

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